$100 Gif Results

Thanks to all that entered my blog GIFaway Contest. There were well over 100 comment entries and 1,000 feedburner entries...

Congrats to all of those that won. Planning to run another contest to help dish out some holiday $$. Keep your subscription and be automatically entered for the next GIF..AWAY!

I will email the winners later tonight...shoot an email to admin@dailygifblog.com with your PayPal address. Please drop a comment on this post after I you get your PayPal payment to help my credibility.

The Winners Are...

$25 PayPal Payment

Fletch34@xxx.com (DailyGif, FailGif Subscriber since 8/24/09)

tonifelfe@xxx.com (DailyGifBlog, FailGif & GifGirl Subscriber since 7/25/09)

$10 PayPal Payment

rbaldwin0989@xxx.com (GifGirl Subscriber since 7/31/09)

wombatspurple (DailyGifBlog commenter & unverified DGB Subscriber)

numberonespicegirlsfan@gmail.com (DailyGifBlog, FailGif & GifGirl Subscriber since 8/15/09)

pilot724@gmail.com (DailyGifBlog Subscriber since 7/31/09)

imi_bike_extreme@yahoo.com (DailyGifBlog Subscriber since 7/8/09)


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