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Sorry for not taking the time to do this a while back. Went through the Gif Blog archives and summarized the top 5 posts for each of the 9 months since this blog was created. Many of you have already laughed, cried, or was strangely aroused when seeing these...but I figured the new readers would appreciate this.

August 2009

1. Tickle Chicks is kind of a turn on
2. Mystery Reader submission
3. Katherine Heigl is getting much more comfortable
4. Bra Adjustment during a boxing match
5. Daredevil Dog can't get enough of the thrill

July 2009

1. Homer Simpson pic-a-day is pretty awesome
2. Cat vs. Box this is an even match
3. Roundhouse kick to the face
4. Bottle Rocket is after you!
5. Skydivers with nothing better to do

June 2009

1. Cat vs. Bat not even a contest
2. Girl's Tongue is kinda sexy
3. Bat Swinger is pretty sweet
4. Chopper is floating around in the air
5. Dog Slide looks like a good back scratcher

May 2009

1. Top 10 Gif Girls probably needs another update
2. Reminder written on the hand
3. Mike Tyson in Hangover
4. Exercise Ball fails made famous
5. Steven Stegal on a rampage

April 2009

1. Slow Motion doesn't get much better
2. Mousetrap Tongue is a dumb idea
3. Water Balloon …the boring version
4. Lightning strikes twice
5. Bitch Slapped in slow motion

March 2009

1. Sofia Verone adjusting her top
2. Bouncing Boobs down the stairs
3. Hayden Panettiere made the list again!
4. Football Catch yet again
5. Soccer Kick is perfect

February 2009

1. Shay Laren the original gif girl (and my inspiration)
2. Jennifer Aniston … plenty more of her here!
3. Doublebanker showing off his pool skills
4. Football Catches don't get much cooler!
5. Speedo Man is THE MAN

January 2009

1. Ali Larter wearing her whip cream bikini
2. Christina Ricci wearing very little
3. This didn't quite work out as expeted
4. Britney Spears before her breakdown
5. Floating Dog is the best kind!

December 2008

1. Jessica Biel doing what she does best
2. Busty Chick running with her iPod in slow motion
3. Using Your Head should be the motto here
4. Hayden Panettiere showing us why we want to save the cheerleader
5. My Turn to be on top

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